Complete set of 17 BDM probes for K-TAG/Kess V2/Trasdata (original/clone, master/slave).

144300KBDM – BDM Motorola MPC5xx Kit contains: 14AM00T00M – 14AM00T01M – 14AM00TBAS – 14AM00TB01 – 14AM00TB02 – 14AM00TB03 – 14AM00T02M
144300KTRI – Bootloader Infineon Tricore and ST10Fxxx contains: 14AM00T03M – 14P600KT04
144300KNEX – JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx Kit contains: 14AM00T05M – 14AM00T06 – 14AM00T14M
144300KREN – JTAG Renesas Kit contains: 14AM00T07M – 14AM00T10M – 14AM00T09M – 14AM00T08M – 14AM00T11M

Warranty: 36months


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