ECU programming probes sticks

ECU programming probes sticks BDM EDC TRICORE MED BOSCH High Quality Product: ECU BOOT PROBE KIT This is perfect solution for programming ECU's. This kit allows you to directly connect to points within the ECU without solder anything onto the ECU pcb. FAST, SAFE AND CLEAN ! These probes are high quality on the market: - High quality (Wieland brand) BRASS stick with 6mm diameter, NOT thinner 4mm like other sellers have - Better weight 33grams/stick (other supplier has just 20grams/stick) - More solid sticks comparative with competitors - Rubber insulated - Gold, spring loaded spear probes (pogo pins) Included in the kit is 3pcs of: - brass probe bodies - gold spear probes - 2mm banana for each probe (this item is available for orders after March 1st, 2017) - optional we can supply for you already soldered pogo pins as pictured (Only for EU countries) Is possible to order any quantity, but MOQ: 3pcs. Price: 60euro